Max Vos

The Inappropriate

Inappropriate Roads: A Max Vos Anthology

It’s time for a journey along some inappropriate roads… 

Along the way, you’ll meet a host of interesting men: the shy teacher, more than a few bears, the geeky numismatist, and the hunky glass artist, to name but a few. 

They all have a story to tell, and it won’t be long before you spot the common theme – hot encounters with even hotter men. And these guys don’t pull any punches, so expect to find yourself getting hot under the collar. 

So if you’re ready, we’ll be off. Fasten your seatbelts, please. 

And then hold on for an exhilarating ride…

A Max Vos exclusive Anthology, featuring: Hawk 'n' Harley, Sasquatch, Cooking English, Commander, Red Felt, Geek on Fire, Welcome to the Black and Blue Ball, Hot Peppers, and A Walk on the Beach. 

A little old and a little new. 

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